This is a personal site I’ve put together to aggregate completed and ongoing projects, as well as things I’m currently learning.

Concerning the projects, I always have an ongoing programming project. This has been the case for as long as I can remember, but was probably something I started after I learned Java in high school in 2008. I might go ahead and post many of these prior projects (depending on how interesting I think they might be to others).

As far as learning, I firmly believe that you can’t say you understand something until you are able to explain it to others. Toward that effort, I have a tutorial section filled with things that have interested me enough to learn. These can range any number of my topics of interest, but will most likely encompass programming, and mathematics.



  • C++, Java, Python, Assembly
  • Html, Css, Javascript, PHP
  • Geometry fitting of data in large point clouds
  • Experience with Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC)
  • Point cloud registration, and Cloud-to-cloud refinement
  • Loop closure using various forms of SLAM
  • Unit testing
  • Proficiency with both Windows and Linux
  • Proficiency with Visual Studio
  • Android app development